Get to Know Us

and Our Philosophy

We are Sikhona Therapy - Educational Psychologists. We have a Zulu name, an Afrikaans heritage and English practitioners. Our heart is all about inclusivity, diversity and meeting the needs of children.

Sikhona means "I am here." This powerful greeting validates being seen for who one is - being present. We believes that every child has the potential to reach their full potential despite any barriers or challenges they may face. Our aim is to assist children and their families in rediscovering their purpose, passions and power through the practice of assessment, therapy and guidance. 

“children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” 

Jess Lair


Who is Sikhona Therapy?

The Schoeman Twins

Yes, we are twins. We grew up with similar interests and dreams and decided to pursue careers in Educational Psychology together. We both studied at the University of Pretoria, we both also hold Honours and Masters degree in Educational Psychology, including Bachelor degrees in Education, all of which obtained from the University of Pretoria. We have walked a long road of studying together and this has best informed our practice as we have developed similar methodologies and approaches to providing services framed by the latest research and practice. We are registered with the HPCSA and from part of EPASSA.

Current News and Developments

Susan has been busy with a course in NILD therapy with the goal to provide evidence-based intervention to students with Dyslexia, Processing Disorders and ADHD in order to help them reach their full potential in the classroom! This is achieved through strengthening student’s cognitive skills and abilities needed for learning while simultaneously developing independence and confidence.

Anel has registered for a Biofeedback Course that will begin in May. Given a few months of hard work and completion of the course, she will be able to register as a Biofeedback practitioner. She will use biofeedback therapy to help children understand: how their mind and body interact; how their mind and body can be in balance (homeostasis) and how their mind can control their body so they feel better.

We have partnered with Sci-Bono Discovery centre to work with 3 rural schools in Limpopo. We are busy editing our Student 360 resilience workbook which will be used as a tool in order to assist students in developing resilience. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on this project.

We continue to work hard to upskill ourselves and make connections in order to reach the goals and dreams we have for Sikona Therapy! Watch this space :)